Our employees are our greatest asset

In order to ensure our development and provide the best services to our customers, we strive to continuously attract and develop the best talent at all levels.

We have a collegial culture, where everyone is united by the shared goal of serving our clients by providing them with the best advice and ensuring the smooth running of the operations they entrust to us.

We trust our consultants and engineers and allow them to exercise the responsibilities that their experience and talent justify, in a constantly evolving technical, legal and human environment.

We encourage a culture of respect, integrity and professional ethics and ensure equal opportunity.

We are particularly interested in candidates who have a solid academic background (legal, business or engineering school), who demonstrate critical thinking skills and who have a genuine desire to learn and succeed. We appreciate people who are proactive, have an eye for detail and strive for excellence in everything they do.


We invite you to send us your CV and a cover letter to the following address:

Neovote guarantees



Our services are aimed at only one objective, to ensure the success of the ballots entrusted to us.


Our fixed-fee model allows our clients to plan the cost of our services.


We mobilize all necessary means, on the national territory and abroad, whatever the circumstances.


We ensure the reliability of voting systems and the compliance of documentation.