Trustworthy digital voting

Solution approved in France by the Council of State, the Senate, the Ministry of the Interior and the Internal Security Agency

More than 10,000 expertised voting systems implemented in a year without technical incident

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Legal, Operations
& Technologies

Neovote helps management teams in setting up trustworthy voting systems with the help of specialists (lawyers, engineers, technicians). A specific methodology is deployed to secure the hundreds of milestones of a voting project and the associated risks. Neovote teams combine their efforts at every stage of the project to minimize management’s time.

Neovote provides flexible technologies to meet the needs of each organization. Stakeholders look closely at operational logistics, system security and 24-hour support. Neovote provides appropriate responses to secure the entire process and honor the trust of users.

  • Social law : DPRT, JDS, Assas-Sorbonne
    Corporate : DJCE, King’s College
    Public sector : IEP Paris

  • All engineers benefit from a minimum of 7 years of experience at Microsoft, Thales, Safran, CEA, Crédit Mutuel and Inria.

  • The NV methodology is based on our experience in strategy consulting at McKinsey, EY, PwC, Deloitte and AT Kearney.

  • Technologies are developed in Rennes, France, using internally mastered components and sovereign geometric models.

  • The 24-hour telephone support handles 1M calls per year, with an average pick-up of less than 10 seconds.

Social relations

Social and Economic Committee
Referendums and consultations
Employees’ representatives on the Board
FPCE Supervisory Board

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Businesses and associations

General meetings
Member delegates
Association offices
Governance – Advice and Executive Board

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Specific ballots

International projects
Political elections
Local consultations
Co-owners’ meetings

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Public sector

Ministries and Institutions
Higher education & research
Hospitals & Health facilities
Local authorities Learn more

French Leader in
trustworthy digital voting

Neovote supports thousands of SMEs and associations as well as the largest organisations with secure and accessible solutions.



Neovote specifics

Neovote systems incorporate special safeguards, based on the expectations of researchers from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Armed Forces.


Geometric model

Neovote ballot boxes do not use any database (sequential risk) in order to ensure strict separation of the signatures and ballots.


Random ballot boxes

Votes are randomly registered into digital ballot boxes without any use of mixers (risk of manipulation).


Reliable transactions

The Neovote ballot boxes ensure the reliable double registration (100% ACID) of the vote, with a verified consistency on 3 voting servers at all times.


Simplicity and compliance

Neovote has extensive practice in social relations, in corporate and public sectors. Each project is led by a dedicated CAPA lawyer, in constant contact with the relevant management.
Legal documentation is established with the design engineers in accordance with applicable procedures.
The service in charge simply uploads the list of voters in Excel format on a secure server, as well as the characteristics of the ballots.

  • Neovote teams combine their efforts to minimize management’s time while ensuring the perfect technical translation of legal commitments.

  • Neovote makes its best efforts to preserve the responsibility of the Management at every stage of the project. An internal control procedure is in place to reduce residual risks.

  • Neovote applies several complementary measures to legal and regulatory provisions to prevent emerging legal and technical risks.

  • Neovote supports the expert process conducted by companies authorized under the CNIL-2 and CNIL-3 levels.
    The application of the ANSSI standards is certified by a specialized company.

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NEOVOTE insurance

€8M Guarantee

  • Bespoke risk evaluated by LLOYD’S of London
  • Coverage of all sensitive voting activities
  • No damage since the creation of Neovote in 2007

Judicial officer

Neovote systems provide for the generation of a proof of vote unsensitive to cryptographic obsolescence.
Retrospectively, each voter can thus verify the presence of his ballot in the ballot box and its effective counting.
This privacy-friendly technology is made available to a Judicial officer.

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Markets, Health, Defence

Neovote supports regulated organisations, including stock exchanges and financial institutions, University Hospitals and regional health agencies, the Airbus Group and the National Center for Space Studies.

« On behalf of the CGT (…) I want to thank you for your support, your patience, and your listening. «

— CGT management

« I wanted to thank you and bring to your knowledge our satisfaction and that of the President who came to inform me of it.«

— MEDEF Management



Frequenly asked questions

  • Technical teams parallel their work within 72 hours in case of immediate need.

    Neovote has 4000 servers in production for the accelerated deployment of elaborate resources :
    - 3 expertised voting servers
    - 2 electronic safes
    - 1 verifiability program
    - Approved software components
    - Forging the ballot boxes and geometric model

  • Neovote systems cover the CNIL-2 and CNIL-3 levels, the ANSSI standards and the verification program.
    Neovote uses EAL5+ level HSMs, dedicated servers certified ISO-27001 and software components approved by the French Ministry of the Interior

  • Neovote XAF filtering algorithms are deployed with a processing capacity of 1M requests/sec.
    NV cryptographic gateways complement the large integer-based key-value protection.
    The systems are deployed in SecNumCloud centers, without the use of Cloud or government resources.

  • Neovote fully develops its components:
    – Modified Debian
    – Cryptographic core
    – Communication protocols
    – Application framework
    – Geometric models
    – Safety stack
    – Supervision systems
    – Orchestration of infrastructures

  • Voters receive a personal and confidential identifier by email or secure mail (printed and enveloped without human intervention).
    Voters connect to the voting site using a personal data that is not included in the invitation letter, then withdraw their password using a second channel: SMS, email or voice server.

  • A procedure for restocking the ID is available online or by phone 24 hours a day using a toll-free number.
    This procedure includes secure voter authentication using secret data, verified documents or spontaneous photographs.

  • The voting file is thoroughly checked in the presence of the Management, the electoral committee and the stakeholders.
    The following steps are then carried out:
    – the system is tested to ensure that it is in perfect working order.
    – the decryption keys are generated and given to the electoral committee members
    – the data is frozen for the duration of the voting operations

  • The electoral committee checks the integrity of the sealing code and then enters the decryption keys.
    The following steps are then carried out :
    – Acknowledgement of the results
    – Secure editing of the voter signing lists
    – Edition of certified results
    – Online publication of results



The voting sites can be accessed from any recent browser, without any installation or download: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Edge, Opera etc.
The RGAA accessibility standard is supported, as well as the main screen readers on the market.



Neovote was selected by Mozilla for its internal elections, following a rigorous analysis of its security and privacy policies.
The voting sites allow you to connect with or without secure cookies, from anonymous or secure networks.



Neovote technologies guarantee integrity of ballots presented to the user, protection of the voting intention and sensitive variables as well as secured preparation of the ballot envelopes.

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Neovote guarantees



Our services are aimed at only one objective, to ensure the success of the ballots entrusted to us.


We mobilize all necessary means, on the national territory and abroad, whatever the circumstances.


Our fixed-fee model allows our clients to plan the cost of our services.


We ensure reliability of voting systems and compliance of documentation.